Quote Unquote, Inc. Announces Signing of Educational Access TV Channel 96 Contract


Albuquerque NM— Quote Unquote, Inc. announces that the Educational Access TV contract was signed on Monday 1/13/19 by both the City of Albuquerque and Quote Unquote, Inc. The contract authorizes Quote Unquote Inc. to program informational and educational content on Comcast Cable Educational Access TV Channel 96. Coverage for the channel spans Central New Mexico and includes Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance and Sandoval counties. “It’s been a long year of contract negotiations after the settlement agreement to a six year lawsuit with the city over events that occurred related to Public Access TV Channel 27 and LO Access TV Channel 26,” said Colleen Gorman, Executive Director of Quote Unquote, Inc. Positive Impacts Access to Programs indicates Quote Unquote, Inc.’s commitment to community media. The public will benefit from being able view local informational and educational content programmed onto Educational Access TV. Partnerships to establish Community Access Media Pods (CAMPs) are being sought to develop and provide direct live programming to the channel. Quote Unquote is also working on setting up online viewing for the channel so that a wider audience can access content as a stream or as Video on Demand. Some producers have already submitted content in person after completing the online program submission form. Producers who have videos they want considered for airing on the Education Channel should fill out an online program submission form available at www.quote-unquote.org. Content that is educational and informative is currently being accepted via YouTube links, Producer uploads, in person and by mail. Additionally, due to the large American Indian population in urban and rural areas, Quote Unquote Inc. would like to support indigenous media. Leadership in the organization believes that language and cultural preservation and revitalization as well as tribal sports and arts are important and unique cornerstones lending to New Mexico’s culture and economy and that such cultural assets should be supported keep New Mexico long term cultural and economic landscape viable. Since the City is currently not providing operational funding per the settlement agreement, Quote Unquote Inc. is asking for donations and is seeking funding through foundations, grants, legislative appropriations, and contracts for training and production. Community Media supporters are asked to call their state senator or representative to ask them to support Senator Pinto and Rep. Christine Trujillo’s bill appropriating funding for community media statewide. A donation button is also located at www.quote-unquote.org Partnerships Quote Unquote Inc. is seeking to establish partnerships for content sharing, production, training and the establishment of Community Access Media Pods (CAMPs). CAMPs can be located at educational Institutions and Pueblos and Tribes of New Mexico. Partnerships with local organizations that help the communities will also help Quote Unquote Inc. achieve its goal of supporting underrepresented and underserved communities through community media. Quote Unquote Inc. would like to continue to support diversity of voices on its channels, by sharing multi-lingual content and the diverse experiences of immigrants, people with disabilities, indigenous peoples, the LGBTQ community and other minority groups. Training Quote Unquote Inc has always sought to provide public access to training as part of its mission. Quote Unquote Inc is not the current Public Access Channel 27 operator, but will seek to collaborate with the current public access facility and operations management provider to support access to equipment and facilities through training. CAMPs are a way to enable producers to access training and resources to produce content that is local, educational and informative. “I also see Access TV as a means to an end in terms of supporting and incubating producers, students and educators seeking to develop skills, to obtain Career Technical Education (CTE) certifications, and/or to enter the TV and film industry. I would also like to support the development of a strong Indigenous Media Network” said Colleen Gorman. Founded in 1979, Quote Unquote, Inc. has been a leader in community media for over 40 years. The company’s contract offers a means for public to access PEG Access TV training, equipment, and resources to produce TV show singles and series. For more information visit www.quote-unquote.org and/or contact Executive Director Colleen Gorman Phone number: 505-501-7700 Email info@quote-unquote.org

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